Would you like to invest in real estate?

Are you looking for a property as an investment? Our experienced team can assist you in the search for your property. From simple advice (evaluation, ...) to personalized research, we will be happy to help you find the ideal property at the right price! We can also advise you on the legal aspects of the purchase and we will be happy to relieve you of the daily management of your real estate assets if you wish!


Are you a real estate investor?

What would you like to buy?

Buying to resell? Buy to give to your children? Do you want to know if you should buy socially or privately? Should you form a company to buy your property(ies)? Does it make sense to set up a usufruct or long lease acquisition structure? These are all questions that we will address and answer according to your personal needs in the short and long term.

What strategy to adopt?

Then, once we understand your needs, we will develop an acquisition, retention and exit strategy for you.

We take care of the daily management


J&J Management, our private management team, will be happy to relieve you of the daily management of your real estate assets. The watchword is clear, we take care of everything. You benefit from an optimised return without having to worry about it!

Let's talk about it

Get in touch with our team now. We will be pleased to welcome you in our office to listen to your project. 

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